GrovePi Zero


GrovePi Zero - Plug and play sensors and modules for your next Raspberry Pi Zero connected device project. Make IoT Hardware Devices Effortlessly.

The GrovePi Zero makes electronics prototyping with the Raspberry Pi Zero easy and fast. The powerful little Raspberry Pi Zero is just waiting for you to release your maker creativity and build the projects you’re passionate about. With the GrovePi Zero you can start your connected device projects in minutes.


Do you happen to know when this will be for sale???


Hey RaduT, we should have it ready soon!


Ok then thank you, will there be some sort of notification when it becomes available?


Hey RaduT,

Thank you for your interest on GrovePi Zero, to keep yourself informed about when we launch this product sign up for our email newsletter at the Email Sign up option at the bottom right of this page or you can also follow us on facebook and twitter for updates.