Growpi - Self watering plant. Live updates on website

Hi Guys,

Over the last month I’ve been messing around with the grovepi to get plant data.

With the mini-fan driverboard, a 3-6 V water pump is attached, which waters the plant if it get 5 consecutive dry readings from the moisture sensor.

The growpi appends moisture, temperature, humidity, light values and water given to a csv file every interval(10 mins). It also takes a picture every interval and uploads it with the csv to the website.

On the website graphs get rendered from the csv and latest picture is shown. On a different server there is a cron job (3 times a day) which downloads all images and makes a mp4 timelapse and uploads it to the website.

All code can be found on github.

This is awesome!

And weirdly speaking, it’s my personal pet project for this spring! So here’s a personal thanks from me!


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