GSP Shield not working -

I’m using an Uno and pin settings on 2,3. Same as in the cpp file and the pin selection on the board.

The software is hanging when calling dgps.update(desLat, desLon) or dgps.updategga() simply stalling at those points.

Blocking off those calls, it doesn’t hang but zero values are returned for all fields. dgps.init() does not lock the program.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

BTW when I removed the shield from the foam protector, some of the pins were bent.

Sorry about the pins bent Bud, I assume it’s still in working condition thought?

Regarding the pins 2 and 3 connection you mention. Pin 2 is not used by the GPS Shield and it’s not connected. The pins the GPS shield uses should default to pins 3 and 4. Did this change, or did you change this in the GPS shield library?

Here’s a copy of the driver cpp file:

Do you see how on lines 13 and 14 the Softrx/tx pins are defined as 3 and 4?

#define SoftrxPin 3 is the most important line: this is the pin that the Arduino should be receiving serial communication from the GPS chip on.

Sorry for the delay getting back to you. It was my fault lol. Wrong pins. I was running a fever and wasn’t thinking properly. A little bed rest and the world was fine again.

The shield works as advertised.

Hey Bud, no worries at all. I’m really glad this worked out and glad that you got some bed rest. Hopefully everything goes well forward, but let us know!