Gyroscope / Accelerometer for the GoPiGo

I’m looking for a recommendation on a gyroscope for our GoPiGos. We need to tell exactly how much we’ve turned. We’re looking for something simple that can be accessed from our Python app. Any suggestions?

The encoder on the GoPiGo does not function correctly and exact turns are almost impossible. Our class’s navigation project always suffers from an inability to tell if we’re facing the right direction. A gyroscope would be a big help but I’m not sure which GPIO-friendly sensor we should buy.


Check out the sense hat.

Though I’m not exactly sure if you can use the hat with gopigo. Someone else smarter then me should know, lol. There are a bunch for arduino, but that would require the arduberry shield by Dexter industries. However you may not need a gyroscope. The BrickPi encoders used to be broke, until the bug was fixed. :smiley: perhaps it is just a bug. Could we see the code your using?

@adilettad: You should checkout this sensor. We have not tried it yet, however it has a Accelerometer, Gyro and a Compass and works directly with the GoPiGo I2C header too. There are libraries available for it in C and python too (links here, here and here ).

These sensors would give you yaw, pitch and roll and you could easily build on top of that for controlling the direction of the robot.