Hands On ROS: RoboWare Studio


  • I am interested in your feelings about / experience using RoboWare Studio.
  • Did you use RoboWare Studio to work through “Hands-On ROS For Robotics Programming”?
  • Do you still use RoboWare Studio after the book?
  • Were you a VScode user before the book?

The book seems to present both command-line and IDE methodology (at least to the point I have read in the book). Working in six different operating systems every day, I have become most comfortable using command-line methods, even though I know using an IDE in one or another might be a smart move.

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I didn’t use RoboWare Studio. I looked at it, but saw that it doesn’t seem to be under active development. I was already using VS Code, and had some experience with ROS from the command line, so I didn’t see any advantages to using it. And you’re right - the book doesn’t really mention it much (if at all) after it’s first introduced - it’s all command line examples.

There is a ROS extension now for VS Code. I’ve only recently installed it and haven’t really tried it out since I’m so used to just using the command line. Something I should use more (or at least give it a good try). I’ve also been trying to use the GitHub integration with VS Code more - in the long run it will be a better workflow, but like anything else there’s a learning curve.

That said, absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with the command line, especially if you have a text editor or programming editor you’re happy with. I used to use Sublime Text on the Mac, but switched to VS Code when I switched to Windows. VS Code also runs well on Linux, so I’ve been happy with it overall.