Hardware schematic or case for GrovePi+

Hi there community,
I’m designing a case for a raspberry Pi 3 and a grovePi+ attached on top.
I would love to have a .dxf schematic of the GrovePi+, as this makes designing it considerably easier.
I’ve attached a schematic of the Raspberry Pi 3, that I found on their site
The forum doesn’t like dxf it seems, so heres the link
If anybody knows any designs out there, feel free to share them.

Hey Grott,
Can you check if the files attached here would work. Do let me know if you need anythign else and it would be great if you could share the finished designs here so that others could use it too.


Thank You!!!
This made it a ton easier! :smiley:
I’ll be sure to add the finished design, once I think it’s good enough.
Maybe we could put these files next to the other schematics on Github, just in case somebody needs it in the future.


Can you link the file so everyone can download it?

Hi @ericmlaine,
The hardware design files for the GrovePi are on this page. Do let us know if you need any other information.