Having a little cake today?

@jimrh, I don’t understand - What does the forum server have you celebrating today?

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 11.52.03 AM

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Because today I am now officially an “old geezer”. :wink:

If you tell the forum software your birthday, you get a “cake” icon on that day.


happy birthday! Was it on the 25th or the 26th?


Happy Birthday. And С Днем Рождения as well!
Wishing you many more.

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It was the 26th.

My granddaughters, always the artists, make me birthday cards each year, and they go on the “artwork wall” next to my desk - though I will need a bigger wall soon because the oldest likes drawing, (hopes to be an animator), and periodically blesses me with another drawing.

I received two, (actually three), presents:

  1. An ATX power supply tester.
  2. (On order) A power supply module that will take +12 from an ATX supply and turn it into a continuous 0-30 v adjustable bench supply.


  1. A 400 watt ATX supply from my son’s job. The tester disclosed why it wasn’t in a system: The +5 standby voltage is all over the place, as in the regulation went all to hell in a handbasket. Since the +5 standby voltage is essential as a reference voltage for the rest of the supply, I rejected it.

He will either find another, or I will spend the few kopeks to get a new one.

I saw an article about using that module, a couple of load resistors, a bunch of banana jacks, and an ATX supply to make a butt kicking bench supply.