Help, it broke!

Upon success of mission #2, the “goal” (boards making a gate) collapsed on the GoPiGo and broke the bottom plate… my daughter is devistated (as am I). Any suggestion on what to do (see attached)? I’m open to glue or heat bonding (that works for this kind of plastic, right?). I hate to replace it as she painted it so nicely, but if that’s what it comes to then that’s always an option…


Hey nthnbtr2do,
Really sorry to hear that the base board broke for your daughter’s GoPiGo. Sadly there is not a good method to repair it and get to a point where it can be good enough to keep running. The only option might be to replace the base acrylic. You might have to keep the older one aside, though there are a few color options with the replacement acrylic body. Do have a look here for GoPiGo2 body and order the one you and your daughter like:


Oh no!!! I’m so sorry this happened to your daughter…
Unfortunately, as Karan mentioned, it’s almost impossible to repair. Acrylic needs straight cuts to be able to be glued.

If you’re so inclined, you can look at using Weld-On 16. There are a few good Youtube videos on how to use it. But they all mention that the acrylic should be as straight as possible. You might be able to get some sort of fix, not aquarium worthy but then GoPiGo does not have to be water tight. The results will very much depend on the edges of the breakage, and your tolerance for imperfections. It will not be a clean fix by all means and might not even work out at all.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the suggestions. It sounds like any kind of fix wouldn’t hold up under use :frowning:

Is there any way to order only the bottom acrylic piece (she’s happy about the purple - it matches her top design)? Also, is it possible to include it in my next GoBox shipment to save on Shipping costs?


Hi Leon, it would be best to contact our customer support about this. You can find them here: