Help me with the network

Hi, I download dex image to my own SD card(mainly because the SD card I bought from you seems inaccessible, doesn’t work with Pi and can not open by the SD card reader). And I follow everything. Then the problem shows up:
I can connect the gopigo with my computer via ethernet cable, and I can ping gopigo and open the desktop of gopigo by my broswer. And I connect to wifi, and the gopigo have its IP address. But I can not use gopigo to ping other site( etc.). I can open webpage through gopigo, and I can update software through gopigo, I just can not connect my computer to my gopigo. And the gopigo can not ping(even it can update itself with wifi, I do it on the monitor without ethernet cable,so I am sure it update it self by wifi ) What’s wrong with my gopigo?
Any idea?

Hello yuangao, it seems you’re 95% of the way there: your computer can talk and can find the dex.local address and you can ping it. If I understand you correectly, you can’t find your dex.local on the wifi network, and you can’t ping from your Raspberry Pi.

After you have connected to your wifi network on your Pi, are you able to ping any web address? Such as or a local web address that works on your computer? Depending on what country you’re in, may be blocked. It sounds like you have a solid internet connection though if you’re able to run the software update.

What sort of network are you using? Is it a home wifi network?