Help! Raspberry GoPiGo will not ping

When I follow all the directions on your tutorial all goes well, all lights are on, until I type in ping dex.local. I then get the following error message. ping: cannot resolve dex.local: Unknown host. I have it set as DHCP like it said. What else could be wrong. I am spending HOURS trying to figure this out.

Hello sfehlmann, sorry to hear you’re not able to connect. A few questions to better understand your situation.

Sounds like you’re using a PC, right?

  1. Are you using the latest DI Image Raspbian for Robots? If you’re using an SD card we sent you, what date is on it?
  2. Do you have bonjour installed on your PC?
  3. Are the Power and ACT Lights Blinking? You said above they’re on, but does the ACT light blink?
  4. Are you powering via the USB Raspberry Pi Power Supply?
  5. Which version of the Raspberry Pi are you using?

Also, when you’re connected via ethernet, do you the lights on the ethernet port on the Pi blink?

Best, John

No, I am on a macbook pro running 10.10.5. I am using the SD card I purchased from Micro Center. The SD Card has a raspberry on it but no date. The power light in green and on, not sure what the ACT light is. There is a red light on to the right of the SD card slot and a green light next to it barely blinking. I have a Raspberry B+. I am powered by micro USB.

I’m a little confused, it sounds like you’re not using Raspbian for Robots, just a generic Raspbian SD card you got from Microcenter? Can you post a picture of the SD card and packaging?

Thought that the SD card I purchased had everything. How do I download Raspbian for Robots? I have not seen it on any sites I have been on. I will also search for it.

Hey sfehlmann, here’s the Raspbian for Robots SD card:

Does the version you purchased look like this at all?

If it doesn’t you can turn it into Raspbian for Robots, no charge. We have a tutorial for how to do this here:

Best, John

No, my card looks different. I will work on following your directions this weekend.Is there any trainings I can attend to learn more? It seems I am catching on to this very slow. I need some kind of workshop of training so I can learn more hands on.

Hey sfehlmann,
Do let us know how new SD card goes for you.

We don;t have any training as such, but you can find some more instructions on getting started on our youtube page here: There are a couple of playlists and this might be something that you can use to get started:

If you want more help with the GoPiGo, we have the GoBox too, which is a curriculum around the GoPiGo. It comes with excellent instrcutions in the form of booklets. It has its own set of examples and projects and step by step guide. You can find more information about it here: and here: