Just got my GrovePi and I have been reviewing the examples. I have my rpi setup with the software and it appears to be working but I need a little help. I have the moisture sensor and the temperature humidity sensor pro, could you please point me to some sample code that I can leverage to read these sensors. I have project where I am would like to read the temp/humidity from the sensor, then I want to turn on a fan until the humidity / temp values reach set points, then I will turn off the fan. In addition, I want to read the moisture sensor and if it returns a value indicating no moisture I would like to send an email.

I am not asking for someone to code it, I am a pretty skilled software engineer, but I do need some help in reading the sensors. Python, C, Java, whatever language is available is fine, just need a few more examples to get me going. Any help you can provide is very appreciated. I cannot wait to start reading values and playing around with the grovepi.


Hi lee,
For the Moisture sensor you can just follow the Led-Fade tutorial ( and use the analogRead to read the moisture sensor.

I did take a look at the temperature humidity sensor pro. The thing is that it is using very minute timing functions like delayMicroseconds() as well as enable and disable global interrupts. We don’t have that support right now, but we’ll be pushing a firmware update this week that should enable those features.

If you are want to hack the firmware, I can give you some pointers on how to make it work.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

No sweat, thanks for the pointer on the moisture sensor. I will play around with that and see what I can get working and wait on your firmware release. Once you do release the update, any pointers / code samples of how to take advantage of the new release is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for responding and helping thus far…



By the way, got the moisture sensor working in all of 2 minutes, thanks for the pointer … Eager for the new firmware now :slight_smile:



I would also like to be able to get readings from the temperature humidity sensor. I bought this temperature and humidity sensor I don’t mind hacking on the firmware at all. The documentation for all of this stuff is very sparse, but if you have some pointers or docs that could steer me in the right direction i’d love to give it a whirl.

Starting to feel a bit abandoned here. Karan are you out there to assist?

The firmware and software update is out along with documentation related to the working of the GrovePi .

The DHT sensor is now supported.