Hi, please help me with it

Is power of the servo of gopigo strong enough to power 6 servos? I just want to power 6 servo and control it by arduino…And the servos will not work with the motors at the same time…
The servo I use is TGY-9018MG.
Please help me

Hey yuangao,
I think 6 servo’s would be difficult to drive. They take a lot of power and might make the GoPiGo unusable. Gave you give a little more information about your project and how you are going control the 6 servos from the GoPiGo.


Well, the six servo will not work at the same time, I think only three(at most) will work at the same time, is that OK?

I don’t control it by GOPIGO, I just use GOPIGO to power the servo, I will control the servo by arduino…

Hey Yuangao,
I am not really sure about 3 or 6 servos. We have only tried out only 1 servo. I think too many servo’s will eventually make the power to the Raspberry Pi unstable and it’s restart. I am not sure after how many servo’s would the power supply become unstable. You can start with one servo and keep adding servo’s.

Do let us know how it goes for you.