High Speed Metallic Clink Listener

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I’m working on a project in which I have to listen to repetitious sounds that follow a similar pattern, unless there is something wrong. The receiver needs to be able to listen to metallic clinks and report back if there is an abnormal pattern. The typical speed of movement is around 2000-7000 RPM, so the sensor would have to work rather quickly.

Right now I’m looking at the electret microphone connected to a GrovePi to accomplish this:

I’m curious if anyone has used this sensor in order to distinguish high speed patterns from one another, or if it is feasible to do so?

Hi @invisiblefork,

I suggest you read the following 2 threads:

And this one here:

Within these 2 threads you will find an explanation as to why a sound sensor is a bad sensor choice for the GrovePi. Unfortunately, in your case, there’s enough processing power to do any data acquisition at these frequencies.
And even if you do, you’d loose most of the data due to the low rate of data acquisition (the GrovePi can only up to 100-200 Hz).

For this kind of application, I think what you need is a DSP.

Thank you!

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Any Update on this project?

I’ve been thinking of something vaguely similar using a Kinobo USB microphone listening via pyaudio and audioop calls to recognize the sound of someone typing, (a pseudo-rhythmic clicking above the average sound level.)