History Comes Back To Bite Charlene Too?

History Comes Back To Bite GoPi5Go-Dave:

Yup.  Same here.

Charlene got a dose of history too.

Here I was, PiCam V3 in hand with a shiny new robot, wanting to do Great Things with Bullseye/Bookworm, firmly moving the GoPiGo3 into the 21st Century!

Famous Quote:
“No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”

And so it is here.

After fighting with Picamera2, (which doesn’t work on Buster, at least not yet :wink:), and Bookworm that absolutely INSISTS that everything should be in its own virtual environment,1 I have decided to take a giant step backwards.

I have removed the fancy new camera, built Charlene based on my new 8g Pi-4, and “regressed” to the standard GoPiGo3 O/S.

Present goals are to:

  • Fully qualify Charlene on a known system.
  • Verify that I can, at the very least, duplicate Charlie’s functionality.
  • Establish a dev environment for Charlene.
  • Work on a dynamically updating status display for Charlene.

Once that’s done, I’ll start working on moving her forward again - perhaps as a companion ROS robot for Charlie.


  1. Though virtual environments may be a good thing in certain circumstances, they are NOT a panacea nor a silver bullet that will solve the world’s ills and mandating them to the point of obsession isn’t a good thing.
    IMHO, virtualization should be a TOOL that the system designer can use, if and when appropriate.
    This reminds me of the W3C deciding to require real, payware, secure domain certificates as a requirement for using a joystick within a web page.  Outrageous!  The W3C GitHub pages and the browser forums blew up with complaints about how silly it was, to the point that some browser companies are considering rolling that back.

Very wise. And one leap into the abyss at a time.