Home automatisation systeme

Hey guyz i am working on home automation project.I want to build an android app to control the grove pi and the Pi.Is there some way to invoke python script which are stored on my pi from android app.I dont want to use any other stuff like WebIOPI.I have to make an android app Strictly.Can anyOne guide me what things i have to do.Please give me detailed description if possible.Have been searching all over the internet but no sucess.

Thanks in advance

Hi @ismailcsb15,

We can’t come up with a detailed description because that’s a specific very specific kind of project. Someone could come up with something detailed only if that person has already built it, but since we haven’t done it, then we can’t have any detailed response - because there are so many ways you can do it and lots of things you can’t foresee.

What I can offer you is a suggestion of how I would do it. You can start reading more on “REST API” on Google. Once you get what that thing is, you can move on to creating a stateless rest web service on your Pi. That service has to be accessed from a known address and from your Android app.

Hope this enlightens you a bit more.
Thank you!

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