Home_Weather_Display erro con't

Hello sir,
Another thing I tried was running the command at the prompt and this is what I got:


Well as the error suggests the directory doesn’t exist. Do you have the GrovePi directory?

It appears that you are using stock raspbian. You can either get Raspbian for Robots which will have all the stuff you’ll need for the robot. Instructions for Raspbian for Robots.

If you’d like to use Raspbian you’ll need to install the GrovePi stuff. The installation instructions are here. I recommend trying the quickstart instructions section first.

Hello, I have been away for some time. What we told to use NOOBS or Raspbian,
image and with both OS I continue to get this error.

What I do not know is that installing Raspbian for Robots am I still going to get all these errors messages? NOOBS and Raspbian Strech. What our project is all about is to build a complete IoT WEB Application



try copying the file again:

You left out the /Dexter/ portion of the destination directory in your copy command above.


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