Host name dex instead of raspberrypi.local[SOLVED]

Hi ,
In my GoPiGo,I have installed Dexter Industrie’s modified “wheezy” image from I have used ethernet cable to connect GoPigo to my laptop. The host name it is showing is “dex” instead of “raspberrypi.local”. The default user name is “pi” but the default password is not “raspberry“. when I ssh to pi@dex it opens the host but when I enter password “raspberry”, it gives the message “access denied”.
1.My ethernet cable is working properly.
2.My image on sd card is correct. Because, I have checked the GoPiGo by directly connecting to monitor, mouse and keyboard it works properly.
3.I have followed all the steps from the document at,
3.I have update firmware on GoPiGo (motors were disconnected at the time of updating).

Could you guys please help me with the password?
Thanks in advance.

Hey Harpreet,
You might have downloaded the new beta image. Can you try logging in to dex.local with the password as robots1234. Check here for more details:


Hey Karan,

It works!!!
Thank you so much.

Appreciate your help.