Question for you. In our local district we are setting it up so the network recognizes the host name without bonjour, so the students can use their chrome books to VNC into the Pi. When I take the GPGs to a conference I will not have that ability. A static IP in network specific (right?) so that won’t work. Is a bluetooth connection the answer?

What will your setup be at a conference? Same Chromebook? Using the conference’s Wifi connection?

Take a look at this:
Maybe it can solve your problems. Basically, you set up your own network with your own router, and you are no longer dependent on the conference’s wifi setup. As long as you don’t need Internet access at the same time, you should be fine.

I use my own WAP with static IP address for laptop, gopigo, WAP - works like a charm.

Just weighing in a little late here: I think a robust option might be to bring along a wifi router, like CleoQC above recommends.

This does bring up a good point though: one thing we’re trying to work out right now is wifi tethering: the ability to go directly from one computer to the pi over wifi. Just having a tricky time getting it to automatically setup right now, but software improvement in the future for sure!