How are fwd(), bwd(), etc. supposed to work?

Hello, fellow “GoPiGoers”.

I ran into an interesting issue while writing a simple Python script to make the GoPiGo move.

Here’s what I did:

    Logged in to my GoPiGo through SSH (with Putty) and started the Python interactive shell

    Imported the gopigo module by writing from gopigo import *

    Typed in fwd() to make the robot move forward

The GoPiGo moved forward a little bit and stopped. I typed in fwd() again and it did the same thing. I typed in fwd() one more time and this time the GoPiGo started moving forward and keep moving forward until I typed in stop(). Something similar happens with bwd(), right() and left().

Now I am confused as to how these functions are supposed to work. Are they supposed to be used with stop() or are they supposed to execute the command they are named after for a little while and stop on their own?


Hi Carlos,
fwd() and bwd() are supposed to make the GoPiGo move forward and backward and does not stop the GoPiGo. The GoPiGo can only be stopped by issuing the stop() call. Can you check that the batteries read over 9V and can you follow the instructions here: and generate a test log and upload it here so that we can check if there is anythign wrong with the settings on the GoPiGo.