How can I best attach The BrickPi battery pack, and pivot pi and other things to Lego's?

Hello, I am building a driving robot and am having extreme difficulty getting the pivotpi, pivotpi battery pack, and BrickPi battery onto Lego’s. Since they have no direct way to connect, it is hard. I’m curious how do you guys do it?

That’s my setup.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @graykevinb, We haven’t thought about this much before, but it’s a good question. The PivotPi is really meant to be attached to the Raspberry Pi . . . after that, we hadn’t contemplated what to do. Any suggestions?

I have had great sucess with just using a bit rubber band and doubling it over. I used this when using the orginial 8xAA cell battery pack and also my new LiIon battery pack see attached pic of my new blue coloured battery

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I did find that I had to extend my original battery pack lead as it was a bit short and I also changed the plug to a elbow plug where it plugs into the BrickPi to make it more low profile and easier it fit on small compact robot

Nice! A case for the battery pack would be nice for attaching directly to legos.

Do you have access to a 3D printer? As most robot builders just design and print any simple mounting type harward

Kinda. Just not a computer capable of handling cad. The whole point of the lego system is you don’t need one.

I know, this is a kind of old thread but I also have a question regarding how to assembly lego bricks. I would like to build around the case some lego bricks but it seems that the height of the BrickPi is not standard lego size. I mean when I put bricks on the roof and bottom I am not able to connect them of missing some millimeters to one direction on the site.

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Looks to me like the vertical member is sloped inward, (toward the left), slightly.

If it were my rig, I’d try moving that member out just a smidge to make the top holes line up.

I haven’t worked with this exact kind of Lego building stuff, but the stuff I’ve worked with in the past sometimes required a bit of “fitting” to make things fit.

Let us know what happens!

I put now this yellow plate between which makes it a bit better, but

on top you can see that the gray bar is now bent.

It is really wired because usually Lego is designed that the bricks just match, so I am wondering if I did something wrong with my construction. There is also no room left where maybe the plastic bottom and cover of the case can be put together.

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Good idea!

Unfortunately I do not have a set like yours so I don’t know if I can help you any further.

Maybe @mitch.kremm can help?