How can I read multiple sensors? C# example please


If I use the GroovePi and for example I connect 10 temperature sensors, how can I read them, how can I identify which reading belongs to which sensor.

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Hi @le.valencia,

Can you tell us which temperature sensor you are using. We use this Digital Grove Temperature and Humidity sensor and we have C# examples for it here.

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We have BPM180 sensor, and the idea is to be able to connect as many as possible, I also have the GroovePi Kit with the sensor you say, but the questions is how to connect many sensor of the same type and know which one is which reading


Hi @le.valencia,

It won’t be possible to use multiple BMP180 with grovepi as all of them have the same i2c address and there address’ can’t be changed.

If you wish to use multiple sensors then you must try using BMP280 or BME280 Barometer sensors as these support two different i2c addresses and also SPI interface.

In case of BMP280 or BME280 you can use a maximum of two sensors on the same GrovePi board. BMP280 and BME280 support i2c addresses 0X76 and 0x77 and BMP180 supports the address 0X77. Hence it would not be possible to use these sensors in combination. You can use either two BMP280/BME280 sensors or one BMP180 sensor on a single GrovePi board. Thus you can use a maximum of two Barometer sensors with one GrovePi board.

I find some python examples for BMP280 here and for BME280 here. I am not sure of how well they would work, you can give them a try if you have the resources.

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Hi, I have a similar project to do, I need 6 temperature sensor, for now I just have one Grove high temperature sensor, the grove shield and an arduino (I also have grovepi+ and raspberry pi2), I have no experience and need to know if what I want to do is possible. Thank you


Hi @betti.p,

Can you tell us more about what exactly you want to connect to the GrovePi? I understand that there are 6 of them, but what models exactly?

Thank you!