How connect to GiPiGo with SSH in Ubuntu?

I am starting at the beginning of this:

I already can connect to the GoPiGo wifi with the DexterOS. However, I now want to connect to it using SSH so I can then program it like in the tutorial above

How can I do this? When I turn on the red board, and then plug in the USB for my keyboard and HDMI for my monitor, I don’t see the Raspberry Pi OS on my computer screen.

If I try to connect it to my computer with an ethernet cable and then go to dexter.lo, I get a not connected screen:

If I just type ssh pi@dex.local on the Ubuntu terminal, it just says “ssh: Could not resolve hostname dex.local: Name or service not known”

Hello @kj21
DexterOS cannot be connected to via SSH. You will need to move up to Raspbian for Robots for that.
DexterOS is configured for ease of use for people who don’t have the technical know-how about ssh and ip addresses. Raspbian for Robots is more open and will let you do more, like connect via SSH, and connect your GoPiGo to a local wifi so it can reach the Internet.

You can read more about installing Raspbian for Robots here


I just removed DexterOS and tried to install Raspbian for Robots by following that link

I first followed “Using a PC” and then “Your First Time Running the New SD Card”. However, when I start up the Raspberry Pi, I’m taken to a blank rainbow screen

I decided to download Raspbian for Robots again, then turned on the Raspberry Pi and STILL got that blank rainbow screen

I then followed “Advanced: Using a PC and Win32 Disk Imager”. When I opened Win32DiskImager, I did NOT see anywhere the option to check the MD5 sum of the file. After I clicked “Write”, I got an error saying “An error occurred when attempting to write data to handle. Access is denied”

Why is this? Is it possible to get a refund on the entire GoPIGo set? I’ve spent countless hours assembling, re-assembling it, running into errors, and I’m losing my patience with this

Can someone help with this?

Hello @kj21

My apologies for not answering sooner.
Rainbow screen:
Do you mean a screen like this one?

Are you using a Pi3B+ ? If so, it requires a special version of the OS. The Pi3B+ is not backward compatible, the Raspberry Pi Foundation didn’t make it backward compatible.

We published a beta version of our software just today. This one will support the Pi3B+

Please confirm that it is the Pi that you are using.