How do I know which sensors are digital, analog, i2c, serial?

Hi I am new to this grovepi business, and I am wondering is there a way to know before buying the sensors which ones are digital, or analog, or i2c… etc.

Thank you!

Hi @newbrict,

What we can vouch is that all of our 4 sensors that we’ve developed are using the I2C interface. Here they are:
They are pretty advanced, so you can a lot of stuff with them.

The other ones mostly come from, so if you want to know more about a sensor, then you’ve got to search them there and see on what interface they are on.

Lastly, you can take a look on our repository and check the example programs. By checking those, you can see what interface a sensor is using, though it ain’t that hard to figure it out.
If a sensor is just reporting movement around, then you can bet they are digital, whereas if the sensor is a potentiometer, then you’re quite sure that’s an analog - and this goes on and on.

If there are other problems, please let us know. We’ll be at your service.

Thank you!

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Okay thanks I guess I’ll look through the sample code.

Hello @newbrict

This is kinda cheating, but you can also take a look here:

Those are the sensors supported in Scratch.

Hello I have just started interfacing govepi with I2C sensor, you can have a look on different sensors on this link and know about them as mentioned in description.

Hope this will be much useful for you if you are still looking to gain knowledge about them before using it