How do I reflash my Gopigo3 with 0.3.4 firmware

I have a Pi 3 running ‘straight’ Raspbian plus the Dexter ‘bits’ to interface with the GoPiGo3 all put together with the scripts from the repository. My aim, as I’ve mentioned before, is to equip my robot with a Pi camera and use an HTML 5 technology called webRTC using a package called UV4L and eventually OpenCV to provide image recognition. My app will provide a streamed image to a browser and allow movement of the robot through a visual trackball - all done in Node.js.
I know all the software works together on a Pi without the GoPiGo component and was delighted to use the EasyMotors.js example script which provided successful basic movement. A test script in the repo suggested I needed to upgrade the firmware which I did by executing the recommended scripts and everything stopped working. Scripts that did work now report ‘Error: Error: GoPiGo3 firmware needs to be version undefined but is currently version 1.0.0
at new EasyGoPiGo3 (/home/pi/Projects/Node/node_modules/node-gopigo3/lib/easyGopigo3.js:55:19’.

I see the old firmware in the repo but how do I re-flash my GoPiGo3 - or is there another solution please?

Hello @poweruser

You will find the previous firmware in ~/Dexter/GoPiGo3/Firmware/archives.
I would suggest moving the 1.0.0 firmware into the archives, and copying 0.3.4 into Firmware/

Do note that this will kill Python support but enable NodeJS support.

I will also look into getting NodeJS up to date with Firmware 1.0.0
Thanks for bringing it up to our attention.

This worked just fine, is there a date for the release of updated firmware that works with Node, does it provide extra functionality or is it just a maintenance upgrade ?

The new firmware would let you use some extra sensors, like the IMU. Otherwise it’s the same thing.
And we’re working on it. It needs to be tested right now.