How have you used your Arduberry?

I have a Raspberry Pi and an Arduberry, now I’m trying to come up with an exciting project. What have others done with theirs? I’d especially be interested in things that can’t be done with a Raspberry Pi alone.

I also just received an Arduberry. Do you know how to access a schematic? I want to make sure I know what I’m doing here considering the 3.3V/5V issue with the Pi. Specifically, which Arduino pins are connected to which Pi pins.

The power is confusing too. The barrel plug on the Arduino Bd doesn’t power anything. The mini-USB does, but no USB to the Arduino. The Pi mini-USB powers both boards and works via python to open the Arduino IDE. Why are the power plugs even on the Arduino board?

Another important question is what is VIN connected to? Can I use it to power both boards safely at 5V and supply more current than the Pi USB plug?

I plan to connect a PS2 controller to the Arduberry board via a LynxMotion interface shield that uses Bluetooth. I’m hoping to access the Pi and the Arduino via PS2. Once there, I can control a bot and display video from the Pi camera without wires.

Here is the link to the schematic , this should clear most of your doubts.

Right now the barrel jack is just connected to the Vin on the Arduberry Headers. It does not power anything. It is there just for powering shields which draw too much current so that they can be powered externally. If you want to power the Arduberry and the RPi from the barrel jack, you’ll have to populate a few components, here’s the list of parts that you’ll need to make it happen .

All the best for your project. Let us know how it goes.