How many motors

How many servos can be powered with the grovepi board?
If I wanted to power 12 servos would I be able to stack the grovepi boards?

Unfortunately servos are the only Grove part we’ve not been able to get to work with the GrovePi board. So unfortunately, the answer is 0.

Hi David,
John pointed out right that the GrovePi does not support any servo motors.

There is a shield at Adafruit that supports upto 16 servos and for controlling these many servos that is the best option. You can use the shield with wires running from the GrovePi I2C bus and make a small library to control all the Servo’s.

Hi Karan,
So I understand you can connect any kind of I2C device to the GrovePi and manage it making a small python library, isn’t it?
Could you explain a little bit the steps one has to follow to make such a library? I’m not an expert in programming…

Hi Juan,
You are right.You can connect any I2C sensor and make them interact directly with the Raspberry Pi.

You will have to port a sensor which runs on Arduino to Python to make it run on the Raspberry Pi.

We have done something similar to what you are aiming for, for the Grove 96x96 OLED display (Here’s the original library in C and the Accelerometer

You’ll have to go through the Arduino functions and use the basic I2C read write functions in python to make them work with the Raspberry Pi.

Let me know if you need any more help.