How many sensors can you connect?

I am considering to adopt a GoPiGo 2 + Raspberry Pi. How many sensors can be used at the same time? E.g. could I have a camera mounted on the servo kit, ultrasound and a contact sensor? Also, does one need the GroovePi to connect sensors for GroovePi, or can they be directly connected to the GoPiGo 2?

I am looking at , but from there I cannot say, for instance, what ports would be used for communication between the GoPiGo 2 and the Raspberry Pi.

Hi @Francesco_F,

Thanks for choosing GoPiGo. You can connect one Analog, Digital, i2c and Serial Sensor to GoPiGo. It would be possible to have a Camera mounted on the servo kit and ultrasound sensor to be connected to the GoPiGo. I am not sure of what you mean by the contact sensor, if its a reed switch or touch sensor or if its any analog/digital sensor then it would be possible to connect it with GoPiGo.

You will not need a GrovePi as the GoPiGo has the provision to support the Grove Sensors, however if you need to connect more than one I2C sensor or a Serial Sensor, then you might need a GrovePi too.

We use I2C to communicate between the Raspberry Pi and GoPiGo and we use SPI to upload the codes.

Please let us know if this helps,

Thank you for the prompt reply. By contact sensor I meant a touch sensor, yes.
Does it mean that the i2c port and the serial port would be used for communication with the Raspberry Pi, and therefore only the Analog and the Digital port are available to connect sensors to GoPiGo?

The communication between the Pi and the GoPiGo board is handled via the pins so it doesn’t use the ports. You do have 4 Grove ports to play with:

  1. Digital
  2. Analog
  3. Serial
  4. I2C

and access to the camera port and one servo port.


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