How to Auto execute the GoPiGo../

I have almost finihsed my project.
I wondered how to auto execute the Python p/g when Raspberry pi reboot status.
I’m now testing
And I have also executed “chmod +x”

Let me know how to auto execute “” file when the Raspberry Pi reboot status.

I’m looking forward to your reply.
Have a good day.

Hi Lucid,
There are a lot of posts on how to run a program on boot. Here are couple of posts: , , You should be able to start the robot web server at boot and should be able to control the GoPiGo.


Maybe the most robust way to do this is to modify the crontab file. There’s a great tutorial on how to do this here:

Then edit the rc.local file (command to use)
~sudo nano /etc/rc.local
This opens the rc.local file in nano text editor

After initial comments in the rc.local file the first line the computer can read should be
~sudo /home/pi/projects/my-project.a &

.a would be the file type I believe

& symbol tells it to run in background

Save by pressing ctrl+x then press Y enter

End program with
~sudo killall my-project.a