How to change Dexter IMU sensibility on Eclipse with java?

Hello everybody,

I’m working on a robot that has to be stable on a ball, like the new Star Wars BB8 robot.
I’m using an EV3 Lego Mindstorm with LEJOS interface and I’m programing with JAVA.

My problem is about the stability. When I hold the ball and when I roll it in one way ( slowly) the robot go back to his initial position. However if I leave the robot alone, the ball rolls alone too fast and the robot can’t stay stable and fall always. Alos, I have some time reaction and it’s not good.

The robot has 3 omniwheels placed 120° from each other, the ball is a gym ball which is bigger than the robot. I’m using DexterIMU gyroscope and accelerometer.

Do you have any tips to resolve this problem ?
How can I do to change Dexter IMU sensor sensibility on Java ? I’m using Eclipse Software.

Thanks !