How to change host name (hostname)

I want to change my GoPiGo’s host name from raspberrypi.local or dex.local to something else. I am gonna connect more than one GoPiGos at the same time on same Wifi network, so I need different host names for all. How can I change the host name?
Thanks in advance.


Hey Harpreet,
I’m in the process of writing a howto on this, it’s really easy. First, tell me which version of the Raspbian for Robots do you have?

Hi John,

I have installed Dexter Industrie’s modified “wheezy” image from It’s default host name is dex and password is robots1234.


Hey Harpreet, great, that’s the latest then. It’s super easy to change the hostname. In the file /boot/hostname(edit: hostnameS! It must be plural!) if you open it in nano, it should say “dex”. You can change it to anything you want there (no spaces). Save the file, reboot. Then reboot a second time, and your new hostname will be the new hostname.

best, John

Hi john,

Yes, It works!!
It was actually very easy. Thanks for the solution John.
I Appreciate it.


Other documentation on the site refers to /boot/hostnames (not /boot/hostname).

Hi Chris, I see my mistake, it’s “/boot/hostnames” plural, with the s at the end. I updated it above. Is there anywhere else in the documentation where it was done singular not plural?