How to connect the ultrasensor to the robot, where do I plug the female to female wire in?


How do you connect the ultrasensor to the board. Do I connect to the raspberry pi board or the dexter board.



What Ultrasonic sensor board are you trying to interface to?

What version of GoPiGo are you using? ( original, 2, 3 )

Do you have a “Grove” cable (4 pin/wires) available?

The female to female cable is often used for the “trigger”, combined with a three wire “servo” (5v signal, 5v supply , gnd) cable in non-GoPiGo solutions.

My understanding is that reliability issues arose with interfacing Ultrasound sensors to the GoPiGo which prompted the change to the time-of-flight distance sensor. The Ultrasonic sensor is apparently no longer a supported sensor for the GoPiGo.