How to create an email notification?


I have done completely ThingSpeak Temperature Monitor with Raspberry Pi but now I would like to make a notification when the temperature reach 30 degree celcius with smtp. Now, I don’t know how to make the smtp comunicate with the python script. Can you tech me how to make it, John? :slight_smile:

Hey Yapkoloi, so great to hear about this!

We don’t have a great example of how to send an e-mail yet. But I think we should put something up. I will add it to our list of projects and examples to develop.

Hmmm… John… Let’s make this happen… Can you?

I will throw it on the stack of projects!

We have done a similar project a while back with the GrovePi which sends an email with a picture from the Raspberry Pi camera when movement is detectect: . It might be easy enough to take hints and modify the python program so that you can use the email client part of it with your own program.


Thanks for bringing this one up Karan. Indeed, this is an easy example that shows you how to e-mail some data. Thanks Karan!