How to fetch a single file from Dexter's GitHub pages?


Probably number one on the list of “Stupid Questions”

I am re-building my Raspbian for Robots (Buster) image for Charlie, and I want to re-install some of the original files that were overwritten by my own.

For example:
Within the “Remote Camera Robot” project directory is the file “”, which I modified. Desiring some degree of tracability, I renamed my file to “” and wanted to retrieve the original file from Dexter’s Git repo.

OK, how difficult can this be, 'eh? So, I go to Dexter’s Git repo, find the “” file, and then try to do a “save link as” to capture the file from within my browser. What I wanted was the original python script file. What I received was the html page that describes the page where you can see a listing of the file! (banging head on floor)

Well, 'guess it doesn’t work like a HTML FTP page. . . . 'eh?

I ended up doing this as a two step process:

  1. Go to the “raw” page view and “select everything”
  2. Go to my (now corrupted) file, open it in a text editor, select all the bogus HTML, and replace it with the text from the original file. Oh, and yes, I saved the modified file afterwards. (grinning!)

Obviously, there should be a simple, (with the emphasis on SIMPLE), way to capture and copy a particular file that I want to retrieve.

Is there a simple “pick-and-place” way to do this, or do I have to jump through the curl and/or git-clone hoops to retrieve one single file, or one or two files?


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