How to find gopigo3 center axis?

Hi all,
I’m trying to find the center axis (axle between two wheels) in order to put Marvel mind GPS beacon on the kart so I can use the data to track the center position. I’m planning to use 3d printed base on top of the acrylic, how do I find which hole is at the center? Is there a document that addresses all the dimensions of the gopigo3?


Hi @JOHNZ123,

No, we don’t have diagrams of the GoPiGo3’s acrylics.

You can use the center holes that sit at the edge of the acrylic as the true centers (left/right, up/down). And with a caliper, you should get millimeter precision.

Thank you!

Edit: It seems like we have some diagrams of the GoPiGo3’s acrylics.

The acrylics diagrams HERE might be useful, but a couple things to keep in mind:

  • the center of motion is not constant, and
  • GPS Position accuracies and precision are probably an order of magnitude more than the error of choosing a center by visual approximation.