How to fit Raspberry Pi 2 Model B onto GoPiGo board?

Hey guys,

I have a Pi 2 Model B and purchased a GoPiGo robot kit. While, the layout of Pi 2 Model B does not fit well with the GoPiGo board. Is there quick way to fix this? I’ve attached two pictures showing how it looks like with my setup comparing to the tutorial. It seems I may need a header for GPIO. Any suggestions for Pi 2 Model B?


Hey eric,
The Pi2 does sit a bit raised and tilted from the side and only uses the first 26 pins. Your setup looks fine. Just press the Raspberry Pi a bit more into the GoPiGo header and it should be good to go.Sorry about the that, we had to make some choices on our design that left the board a small bit tilted and hanging.


The board is a little tilted, but you should be able to bring the two (the Pi and the GPG) together pretty tightly. You’ll want to pinch these two together. Attached is a picture.

Hi Karan and John,
Thanks for the reply! Now I’m about to push Pi2 into the header a little further, but still not as thorough as the picture John attached. The main collision happens around the power cable of GoPiGo. But thanks for showing this picture.