How to get to the raspberry system from apple

I have the dexter sd card and when I want to get to my raspary system using my macbook, in the internet address area I type
https://dex.local and i get into the dexter version of the software within my raspberry computer

the question I have is: when I use the raspberry out of the box software I downloaded from their site, I do not know how to get into the system within the web browser. using my macbook so instead of using dex.local what do i use. I tried googling it but cant find it

thank you for your help dlorfel

Hello dlorfel,
the method of accessing your raspberry pi via the browser is one of the characteristics of Raspbian for Robots. The standard Raspbian does not support that. All you can do from a Mac with the out of the box Raspbian is SSH into it. The Foundation has some documentation on it:

Another thing to note is that the hostname for the default Raspbian will be raspberrypi.local instead of dex.local and the password will be raspberry

I hope this helps.

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thank you very much for the information. I am very new at this but been in the I.T. business for too long but mostly mainframe.
If I understand what you are saying and what you pointed me too, is that I can get to a gui interface with this version of the software but the one from dexter has been modified to make it more user friendly. please let me know if that is not true so I do not keep looking for the solution when there is none.
the next question, is there any benefit or is there more options from using the out of the box version rather than the dexter version.
thanks for all the help

@dlorfel: We have spent a lot of time on creating the Raspbian for Robots which hides a lot of complex operations that you usually have to do on the Pi to get it working with your projects. You can have a look at this page for a summary of what all it does.

Also, all our software and examples work with the image by default whereas with other images it is a bit harder to get things working. It is also very user friendly and we have a lot of resources and tutorials on our website and youtube around the image. The image also makes it very easy for us to hop in and help other if they face any problems.

thank you again for your help. it sounds like the bottom line is, the dexter software is the same as the raspberry pi out of the box software but it is easier to make it a gui interface when connecting to a MacBook or any other laptop

@dlorfel: yeah. Our image is based on the pi foundations image however is a easier to get started with.