How to I get the GoPiGo to automatically connect to WiFi when it boots up

How to I get the GoPiGo to automatically connect to WiFi when it boots up? I ran sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces and put in the network SSID and Password. I did remember to put tabs in for both the lines. However, each time I boot up, I need to connect the robot to a monitor and keyboard and manually connect to WiFi. Is there a way to automate this? Thanks!!!

Hi gmnn, I think the most reliable way I’ve found is to set it up in x with the Wifi Gui program; changing it there usually makes it start wifi automatically.

Thanks John. What’s x? I’m not sure if I’ve been this program?

Hey gmn,

Sorry, the operating system has a program called x on it, it’s the graphical version of the operation system. Our Rasbian for Robots boots up directly to this OS. Are you using that? If you’re booting to the command line, you can run sudo startx, this fires up the graphical operating system. Then use wpa_gui to set your wifi preferences.

Also, I was working with this again last night. You can modify a file with:

sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf

That has all your wifi info and might be the most efficient way to get it to startup and connect on boot.



Thanks. This is strange. I tried it out today and it connects to Wi-Fi automatically. I checked the file you mentioned and it already had all the info required. So I’m good. Thanks again.

Excellent! Glad it worked out ok.