How to install Scratch line follower example

How to install the new Scratch line follower example on Github to my gpg with the Dexter Industries SD card?
Thank you.

Hi Biao, if you’re using Scratch, your best bet is to use our image. You can download and install it for free, here are the directions:

Hi John, Thank you. Yes. I’m using Scratch to teach kids. The latest image on the link is “2016.01.05_Dexter_Industries_wheezy.rar”, which does not include new scratch line follower example. I also tried to follow the option -3 on the link I’m able to clone the gpg Repository. But I cannot run the scratch line follower example. It shows cannot connect to remote sensor error. Thank you for your help.

Hey Biao, sorry for the confusion here! Got it, you’re absolutely right and doing the right thing.

We pushed the line follower code out last week, and we haven’t pushed out a production image with the updates installed. However, installing the updates is pretty easy: use our software updates icon on the desktop. This will install all the latest line follower stuff you need to get going.

How many kids are you preparing for? If you have to do it more than 5 times, I can make a push to get a production image updated and posted in the next 24 so you can burn it to SD Card.

Hey John, thank you for quick reply. I did use the software updates icon on the desktop first. It didn’t work for some reason.
I will make a new SD card with the image file and try to use the software updates icon again. I will keep you posted.
We have been teaching about 15+ kids with 6 GPGs. If you can get a production image updated, it will help us. But I also can create my image file from SD card after the update the software. Thank you very much.

Hey Biao, I will start working on a new production update, I’ll be back in touch when I have it up.

In the interim, can you share a screenshot of the problem you’re seeing? The error message you’re getting?

Hi John, I successfully update the software using the “software updates icon” on new SD card made from “2016.01.05_Dexter_Industries_wheezy.rar”.
I guess last time the software updates error may comes from some changes I did on the system (such as change host name, etc.).
Now I’m able to run Scratch Line follower example. I also did the line follower calibration.
How we suppose to use the line sensor value? The value range seems from -3 o +7 depends on the location of the black line under the 5 sensors.
Do you have an Scratch example code to use the line sensor output to control the gpg motion.

Also a separate question (maybe I should start another topic), I’m also using the Motion sensor with gpg. I cannot find the “motion” on the “sensor value” block drop-down menu. I see it in the “scratch_functions.png” in gopigo/software/scratch folder.
Thank you.

Hi Biao,

the “motion” value in the sensor drop-down menu will only appear after you’ve sent a first BROADCAST MOTION.

Hope this helps.

Hi CleoQc, Thank you for your instruction! The Motion sensor works well now in Scratch.

Thanks everybody! I just put up the latest image here:

It now has the latest version of the line follower and software examples on it.