How to make a 12V power supply?

Hello Everybody I just bought a GoPiGo but now when I am developing I have to use batteries and that is a kind of annoying.

So my questions is: is there a clear tutorial (or can someone just explain me) how to make a 12V power supply?

Thanks a lot!

Have you looked at the diagram on this page?

You should be able to splice the power adapter that came with the GoPiGo; you should just be very careful to make sure the wires are soldered correctly.

I also want to use another power supply. There are thousands of these LiPo batteries, can someone recommend one? Is that mAh value relevant? Or is any LiPo battery with between 8V - 12V ok?

For eample at amazon there so many to choose from. Which would be best?

Many Thanks!

Hey Kris, Just about any battery between 8V and 12V is ok. The mAh (milli-amp hours) is an indication of how long the battery will last; the more the longer the battery lasts. You’ll need to balance this with the increase in weight you see as the mAh goes up. Also, a helfpul note: Lipo batteries can sometimes be damaged if they’re drained too far. If you’re going to do this, you may want to keep an eye on the voltage of the battery to ensure that you’re not draining it too far. There is software built into the GoPiGo for doing this.

The link you provided didn’t lead to anything for me, maybe you can try to post it again?

Thanks for answering! Very much appreciated.

Hey Kris, just wanted to see how it was going. Do you have pictures you could share?