How to make combination of two python code?

for example, i have two python codes for make camera system.
one is here
and another one includes speaker system and opencv detecting tracking face system.
now how to combine two python programs for one camera and one raspberry pi 3 type B?
this is my one question…

next problem is networking problem.
i want to make this system, using few cameras.
how to make multiple cameras system on only one networking?
i have idea to use web browser chrome’s plugin system.
how to detect multiple URLs each these cameras on only one personal computer?

i am sorry to my poor english skill i think but waiting answer.

Hi @rikemumu55,

For having multiple processes running on the same picamera, you’d need a master service (say written in Python) which handles requests for camera shots from other clients (like your 2 programs).
You can do it via some IPC mechanism.

As far as it goes for the identification/storage of each Raspberry Pi, you can use Google Cloud.
And then have another process running on your laptop, that requests both identification & data from the Google Cloud from all of your Raspberry Pis.

Thank you!