How to make compatible the TIR sensor with EV3?

We are french students and we’re working on an exam project, we need to use your TIR (thermal) sensor to create a condition “when the temperature of an aera is above 200°C”. But we have a big problem with the sensor and his compatibility on the NXT EV3 software.

I’ve read on your official website that the firmwares for the TIR sensor will be update on December 2013. I tried to download and import the ev3b version we found in the software but, it still doesn’t work :
The sensor’s icone is well present and I can place it in our program but i can’t insert any data on it.
The software doesn’t seem to recongnize the TIR sensor (it displays “missing displayname”).

Could someone help you to find a solution ?
Thousdand thank you in advance !

Hey FireRobot,
We’re still struggling with the firmware for EV3 right now for this particular sensor. We thought it would be straightforward, but a few complications have arisen with the sensor and EV3 support. Because of this, as of this date (1/16/2014) we still can’t offer support for the EV3. We’re working on it and hope to be able to offer it in the future.

We’re sorry this has slowed down your plans to use the TIR sensor; it is not what we hoped. We’ll be updating our EV3 page as we make progress on this issue.



Okay thank you, haste to have it !
'wish you continued success in your work. :wink: