How to Make GoPiGo Camera Accessing From Internet


I have setup up a GoPiGo2. It includes camera and servo. I use,

Today, I can control the GoPiGo, camera and servo while the device and the GoPiGo are on the same internal network. However, I can NOT get the browser page with the camera image when my device is at Internet. I have setup a static port forward - for the web server port 98, on my broadband gateway. I can also ssh in from Internet (another static port forwarding port). But I cannot access the camera over browser from Internet.

I assume there are some changes needed to do done on the script but not sure how.
Can someone help?


So the page is loading, just not with the picture? If that is the case you don’t have to worry about ports or anything, the problem is elsewhere.

Yes, that’s right… the page is loading and I saw the control knob (the circle) but no picture.

Any advice?


Sounds like a bug with the script, Perhaps someone with a gopigo can help fix it. I don’t have one.

We have only tried using the robot_web_server example on the local network. That example uses mjpeg-stream to stream the camers feed to a webpage. There are tutorials where people have used it to stream over the internet like this. Can you try it out first and see if you are able to stream the videos directly from mjpeg-streamer first and see if that works.

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Hopping in here, I would confirm the camera is working first. You can do this by running a few commands on the command line on the Pi, using the raspistill command. If you don’t see a jpg generated, or you don’t have a red light on your camera, you should check the camera settings, and check your camera connection.

Also, for remote streaming, we have an ngrok tutorial which shows you how to get out of your local network.