How to make remote control system on pure raspbian?

I want to make remote control system(ex raspbian.I want to make on pure raspbian jessie, this system, not on others OS.Cas I want to make extend system on pure raspbian and this is very important to make extended radio project and repeating voice project.So I cannot make remote control basic system on GoPiGo recommendation OS.Tell me imformation URL and plz simple description.

Well it doesn’t matter which OS. It’s the hardware. Could you expand on your problem a bit more?

I searched google and found many tutorials and products. I just searched “Remote control for Pi”

Thank you for your reply.I agree that this matter is not OS problem you tell me,thx.I am afraid but my question is elementary.I cannot find “cd Desktop/GoPiGo/Software/Python/Examples/Browser Streaming Robot/” file, “Browser Streaming Robot” project.Should I download from extra files via Github or so so?Tell me more!

I am sorry…but hardware is already completed.GoPiGo’s elementary is completed.There is hardware image under my blog.

What do u think this matter?I cannot make control program cas OSsystem different,Raspbian for Robots between pure Raspbian.I am Japanese,so overcome my poor english skill…thx

Hi @rikemumu55,

If I’m getting your issue right, you should do the following:

  • sudo curl | bash

After you do these 2 simple steps, then you can run the example from this link:

Thank you!