How to record or amplify from the grove microphone

Hi there,

i have earlier posted a question about a ledbar.This works fine.
But would it not be great not only to see the ledbar react on the microphone but also hear the sound?
I have already tried this:

import soundplayer import SoundPlayer
import time


My idea was to replace the frequency of the tone (900) by the measured signal of the microphone.
However, this attemped did not work because the Raspberry pi does not recognize the import module.
I’ve did some research on the internet but I only get confused becuase some thing are changed during time.

So How do I record or play the sound that the microphone reads, if thats possible?
Normally you should do it with commands from the GPIO pins, but I think with the Grovepi its a little bit different.

Already thanks for the effort to solve this.
Marc stevens.