How to use Serial, I2C ports?

Hi I have got GoPiGo, I want to attach some sensors tht I have bought that works for Raspberry Pi, but the GoPiGo board is taking all the power etc. How can I use the I2C and Seril prots that are provided by GoPiGO? can I connect my custom sensors (not bought from Dexter). Can u please share with me some documents on how to use them. I don’t find any documentation on polarity and what these pins are for…please provide any documentation on how I cna get my sensors working. this is urgent thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Vijjuk, we get a lot of urgent requests on the forums!

The latest hardware schematic is here:

The I2C and serial lines connect directly to the Raspberry Pi, but they are level shifted to 5V.

What sensors are you connecting to the GoPiGo?

Hi, I am right now using Serial port for Ultrasound on Servo…I want to use I2C and it on IO Expander Board MCP23017. and place my sensors on the I2C. Or use the Raspberry Pi Prototyping to connect some of the other sensors. I am not sure how to use the Raspberry Pi prottoyping pins, won’t there be a conflict if I use the same ports used by GoPiGo. Please provide any details you can

and do I need ot solder wires on the prototyping pins? or is there a plug and play which I can use. Right now the jumper cables are not holding up (they are too loose in those holes)

Sounds like you’re going to need to make some custom connections. We have left the pins to the Pi open on the GoPiGo, you’ll need to connect through those (they’re the numbered pins on the side of the board). I2C and Serial connect through a level conversion chip to the Raspberry pi.