How to use Thermal Infrared Sensor on a program

Hi there,

I’m Japanese high school student.So please excuse my broken English,I’m sorry.

I want to know how to use Thermal Infrared Sensor on the program of robotc .
I am making a robot.
In it,I want to measure the temperature.
I want to get the readings.
could you tell me the function that is used when measuring a temperature?

robotc is used on NXT

Hey ShoJHS, shouldn’t be a problem. I would head over to and install his custom drivers. There are a few examples that do exactly what you’re looking to do. That’s probably the easiest way to get going.

Botbench has some great getting starting materials:


Thank you.

but i couldn’t find the definite function.

could you tell me the web site written about the definite function or program?

Sorry ShoJHS, I’m not sure if I follow. Did you get the driver package from BotBench? There are also example programs included for the TIR sensor.

I see
Thank you.

My pleasure, let us know how it goes!