HumbleDave's Launch File Approved By The God Of Slam-Toolbox

In attempting to learn how to do localization using Slam-Toolbox, I stumbled at understanding why the localization launch file was different from the other slam-toolbox launch files, in that it had a hard-coded parameter file path pointing to the ROS 2 packages directory. As long as the user does not want to tweak anything, no problem. Most users move beyond that stage by the second or third launch of localization.

I created a new that accepted a slam_params_file launch argument, and tested it with Humble Dave, then filed an “issue” on the slam-toolbox github repository. The “God of SLAM” said “LGTM, if you file a PR”. I was familiar with PR for pull request, but needed to Google “LGTM” to learn “Looks Good To Me”.

A few years ago @cleoqc taught me how to submit a pull request when you have a solution for an issue.
Reviewing my notes I was able to submit my launch file PR and it was approved and merged within a few hours.

It doesn’t help to know what the myriad of SLAM parameters do, but it feels good to be able to tweak them in my local folders.


Congrats on getting your PR approved! That’s fantastic


Anything to improve the new user experience is always cool by me.