I can't open arduino1.6. What to do?[SOLVED]

I install arduino1.6 follow the Instructions,but I can’t open it

You mean the arduino ide?

I don’t get any error infoemation

yes arduino ide 1.6 .i can’t get any information

Hmmm. Odd. Maybe you did the instructions wrong or the instructions themselves or wrong or something. My suggestion is to switch to raspbian for robots. It includes the arduino ide at version 1.6


Hi @544475826,

Can you tell us a little more in detail of how exactly you ran the install on your image. Also can you tell us what image you are using? Did you clone the ArduBerry repository on the Desktop?

Also as @graykevinb has suggested, I would encourage you to use our Raspbian for Robots image if you don’t have any specific reasons for not using it. Our image comes with the Arduino IDE preinstalled.


I download my Image from https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/ .(RASPBIAN JESSIE and PIXEL) and then I clone ArduBerry repository and install it follow the instruction(https://www.dexterindustries.com/Arduberry/getting-started/).

Hi @544475826,

We have usually encountered this only with bad installs, can you remove the existing repository, by going to the location where you have cloned and type sudo rm ArduBerry and run the install again from Desktop folder. Another the simple way to solve this is just to install our image following the instructions here.


Just a small clarification. I think @Shoban meant to say
sudo rm -rf ArduBerry

sudo rm only deletes individual files. The -rf is needed to delete folders.

Hi @graykevinb,

Thanks a lot for clarifying that, I missed the recursive option.


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