I don't think the VNC server is enabled by default on you image


might want to update that

also, getting the bottom screw/the screw next to the plate for the second motor is really hard after the first motor is mounted. might want to tell people to thread all four screws, then add on both of the motors.


also, one motor seems to be running pretty smoothly, but the other pulses quite a bit…


well, it seems you don’t want to put the wheels on too tight or thy bind against the motor mount. smooth sailing!


Hey Spencer, it sounds like you have the GoPiGo up and running now. Is that right?

Regarding VNC: how did you try to login through VNC? When QA/QC ing last week, we tried to connect via the VNC server and were successful. WHich port did you try to connect to?


Which poet did you use? I will try it out tonight and report back.

This is my first robot but yes, it is up and running. My daughters think it is really cool! It looks like if you put the wheels on too tight they bind on the motor mount and there is some sort of feedback loop that caused the wheel speed to oscillate. Once I pulled the wheel out a little bit it was smooth.


OK, got it to run on port 5901 with password raspberry. interesting that the password doesn’t change when you change the user password.

btw, based on my experience with the raspberry pi, you have to run most things as root to make them work. i think this may include scratch.


That’s interesting, I’ll try to add a note to also try to connect to that port. I’m not sure why it would work for some on that port.

Yes, VNC has a different password than the Pi.


I have some issues connecting through VNC. The raspberry pi is up and running and connected through WiFi. When connecting monitor and keyboard I can verify that the WiFi connection is working. I downloaded VNC Viewer for Windows. No matter what I use as VNC server, I can’t connect. I verified the IP address of the pi as This doesn’t work as server name. Neither does or raspberry.local. It seems that the VNC server on the pi is not running. How do I get it going?



I had the same problem connecting. So i installed bonjour, and connected with raspberry.local:1 - you need the :1

give it a try


Issue resolved. Turned out that my router didn’t handle connections to Wifi devices correctly. The devices connected to the router, but I couldn’t connect to the devices from somewhere else (if this makes sense at all). All is good now. Thanks!


Glad this was resolved. Thanks for letting us know.