I had used crontab for autorun of my Raspberry pi it's working but i need to restore it

I used crontab -e for autorun start up it’s working well but i need to access my program for further modification i can’t go back to it’s normal mode. Please kindly help me to sort it out. It’s Urgent…

Hi @kvsachu3,

Can you tell us a bit more about your issue. We don’t have much to grab on here.
Things like:

  1. On what OS are you? Are you doing this on Raspbian For Robots, on DexterOS or an a fresh Raspbian?

  2. What is that you crontabed? What job have you given to crontab?

  3. What were the steps you did with setting up crontab?

What I know is that for setting up cron jobs, you need to modify the /etc/crontab file. So this might be what you’re looking for.

Thank you!